Benefits of work

with the dealer

  • The dealer can provide samples on site.
  • Share your experience of using our granules in your region.
  • Organize delivery - they have a constant flow of transport and good discounts from carriers.
  • Dealers may have products in stock locally.
  • You can purchase a smaller quantity of our minimum lot (20 tons)
  • Some dealers have small packaging (20-40 kg)
  • Dealers have a price no higher than ours in a warehouse in the Voronezh region - prices are agreed upon.

If you are in a region where there is a dealer, contact us by phone +7 (812) 777 77 25 or write to, we will process the request and connect you with the dealer closest to you.

Individual Entrepreneurship Rogachevsky A. V.
Krasnodar Krai (Southeast), Zaporizhia Oblast, Kurganinsk City.
Kursk Oblast,
Bryansk Oblast,
Oryol Oblast
Individual Entrepreneurship Emtsov S. N.
Jankoy City
Individual Entrepreneurship Pirozhkov
Krasnodar Krai (Central Part),
Novotitarovskaya Station
Individual Entrepreneurship Sapin
Belgorod Oblast
Individual Entrepreneurship Sinel'nikov
Volgograd Oblast
LLC 'Agro Rost
Krasnodar Krai (North), Rostov Oblast (South),
Kuschevskaya Station
LLC 'YugAgroService'
Samara Oblast,
Samara City

We take care of the land so you get the best harvests

We take care of the land so you get the best harvests
Become a dealer
We take care of the land so that you get the best harvests
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