Organic fertilizers

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Application rates

500-1000 kg per 1 ha - grains and industrial crops

from 5,000 rub. per 1 ha

1000-2000 kg per 1 ha - potatoes and vegetables

from 10,000 rub. per 1 ha

General phosphorus
Total potassium

Organic fertilizers for rich harvests

Welcome to the world of organic fertilizers! Our natural products support healthy plant growth and respect nature.

By choosing us, you choose quality and care for nature.

Variety of bases: From compost to water-soluble options, find the right solution for your plants.

Natural Ingredients: We use only natural ingredients, supporting safe nutrition and soil biodiversity.

Soil Improvement: Our fertilizers not only nourish, but also improve soil structure, promoting healthy plant growth.

Environmental Responsibility: By supporting our products, you contribute to a sustainable rural environment.

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