Equipment for the production of fertilizers

We are a Russian bio-engineering company specializing in the design and construction of high-tech production complexes for the deep processing of organic poultry and livestock waste, as well as the production and implementation of high-quality organic and organic-mineral fertilizers in agriculture.

We are focused on organic bio-farming and cyclical organic agriculture, offering our partners the most modern solutions in this area.

Our company's specialization is the development and implementation of modern and innovative technical solutions for processing chicken and cattle manure into bioorganomineral fertilizers (BOMF) in granular form to increase productivity and the quality of soil composition. BOMU produced by our company are effectively used in combination with various types of bacteria, potassium humate EKOR, growth stimulator TAL-15 and mineral fertilizer additives.

The proposed technology makes it possible to obtain granular organic fertilizers from chicken manure and cattle manure of varying moisture content; it involves the use of preliminary fermentation and composting of raw materials to remove odor and obtain valuable fertilizer.

Presentation of equipment BIOstrategy 23

Supply of equipment for the production of pellets

We are ready to provide you with technology, equipment, set up and launch turnkey pellet production.
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Supply of equipment for the production of pellets
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Purpose of the program

Provide agricultural enterprises and farmers with an innovative solution for creating their own production complexes or fertilizer plants. We believe that local production contributes to the sustainability and development of agriculture.

Our company has carried out work to select equipment from manufacturers who have proven themselves as reliable suppliers, and most importantly, taking into account our experience of working with their equipment, it works reliably, according to our technology, and allows us to produce the entire range of fertilizers we offer.


  • Allows you to maintain and improve the original value of the fertilizer
  • Allows plants to better absorb it without causing damage to the root system (as happens with fresh droppings)
  • Produced on modern high-tech equipment under the supervision of qualified specialists
  • Helps achieve biological safety of the product
  • Kills pathogenic microflora and helminth eggs
  • Prevents germination of weed seeds
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Technological production process

Decomposition of complex organic compounds using organic enzyme and aeration
Drying and crushing
Drying decomposed compost at high temperatures to a moisture content of no more than 15% to stabilize and preserve its beneficial properties, as well as crushing
Powdered fertilizer is given the form of granules, which allows for more efficient storage, transportation and application of fertilizer - by RUM or seeder
Granular fertilizer is packaged in big bags of 1000 kg
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Conditions for setting up production

Requirements for raw materials
  • Raw materials (fresh litter or cattle manure)
  • Humidity of litter (average for the year) – 50%
  • Bulk density of compost – 0.6
Infrastructure requirements
  • Area 1-2 hectares
  • Electricity
  • Gas or solid fuel
  • Site covering – concrete, slabs
  • Availability of access roads
Raw materials and resources for production
  • Initial raw materials – cattle dung or manure
  • Humidity of litter (average for the year) – 50%
  • Additives and additives – potassium humate, mineral additives
  • Electricity
  • Gas or solid fuel (chips, sawdust, slab with humidity up to 30%)
Naming of stages
Implementation period:
1 month
2 month
3 month
4 month
5 month
6 month
Construction of premises
Equipment manufacturing
Installation work
Start of production

Project efficiency

Manufactured equipped products comply with the requirements and standards of the International Quality and Safety Standard.
Our company is ready to purchase ALL manufactured products produced using our technology and on the equipment installed by us at profitable market prices
All equipment has been tested over many years of operation around the clock.
The warranty is 12 months from the date of commissioning of the equipment
No waste is generated on the line, and emissions do not exceed the maximum permissible standards in the sanitary zone

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